Student-Led Absent Work Form


Efficient, easy to use classroom forms bring me joy! Pure teacher joy!  

This summer I wanted to share some of my favorite classroom forms that I use ALL THE TIME. Anything I can do to make my classroom run smoothly is a priority and anything that gives students ownership of our classroom routines and procedures is a huge win. 

Today's favorite form does both of those things.

We all have absent students, right? Of course we do. This form is your standard missing work form, with one teeny-tiny difference.  It is designed for a student to complete for another student. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT leadership roles in my classroom.  

Each day, if someone is absent, my most organized, detail-oriented, natural born teacher helpers (you know the ones) are assigned one student to complete this form for. Throughout the day, they keep track of our learning objectives and assignments. At the end of the day, everything gets paper-clipped together and left on the absent student's desk waiting for their return. When that child returns, I direct all questions about missing work to my detailed-oriented natural born teacher helper first, then jump in as needed.  They clarify questions from the attached work and get the student caught up. 

Students helping students. Leaders being leaders.  

It's a great system and doesn't take long before it runs itself.  

I started using this form two years ago and I have gotten great feedback, not only from students, but from parents as well.

This classroom form has saved me so many headaches. My student leaders have been amazing about completing them.  I can't believe there was a time in my teaching career when I didn't use some kind of form to help my kiddos who missed a day or two. This keeps all their work together, gives them an expert to consult (who's not the teacher), helps get them caught up asap, and fosters an environment of leadership and community.

Game changer. 

If you are interested in the form I use, click the images above or right here to download it for free from TPT. I hope it is as helpful in your room as it has been in mine.

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