Classroom Bingo for the Win!

One of my favorite classroom management systems is my Class Bingo Board. I have been using this simple system for many years and it works great with kids of all ages. Not only is it perfect for teaching procedures and routines, but this board can be used to celebrate attendance, books read, stories written, or math facts mastered. The possibilities are endless making it a teacher and student win!

How It Works:

As a class, decide on a goal. This could be a routine or procedure like lining up quickly and quietly or demonstrating good manners at the lunch table. Every time the whole class is successful with the goal, a student gets to draw a number card. The student will then cross out, color, or mark that number out in some way. The class keeps playing until they earn a bingo. Then, you have a class celebration and begin again.

I love that the whole system is very student driven. They choose the goal. They demonstrate the behavior. They critique their performance. They draw the numbers. They earn their reward.

I created by Class Bingo Board years ago and it still looks good. Originally, I made my board by modifying a classroom calendar and adding calendar numbers to match.  With a few snips here and a little glue there, it came together perfectly. I also purchased paint splatter mini accents for my class to use as markers on the board. Everything was laminated and it has stood the test of time!

This simple management technique can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Draw a bingo board on a white board
  • Create a bingo board from supplies 
  • Or download my Class Bingo Resource for free and start using it today!

This resource includes 6 varieties of bingo boards all in black and white. You can copy on bright colored paper, or copy on white paper and color squares as you go. You can use one board at a time or run several bingo boards at once. The options are endless!

• 16 Square Plain, Goal Focus, Class Focus
• 25 Square Plain, Goal Focus, Class Focus

Plus – there are number cards for each type of board provided.

Simply print and go! You can color the squares, stamp the squares, use magnets to cover the squares, or put stickers on the squares.

So many options. So many uses. A great tool for every elementary teacher.

Classroom Bingo first appeared on my blog, The Teaching Thief 7/30/11

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