Fiction Friday: Chapter 1

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to Fiction Friday 2017!


Summer has always been my time to read, read, read! For some reason, I seem to get a great deal more reading time during June, July, and August. Hmm...I can't imagine why. *wink, wink*

Since 2011, I have made it my summer goal to read as many of the Texas Bluebonnet Nominees, as well as the ever growing stack of "must reads" in my TBR pile before the upcoming school year. I want to be able to "talk books" with my students. By reading and loving what they read and love, I am able to encourage, inspire, and build a community of readers in my classroom.

I hope you will join our book journey this summer by reading along each Friday, commenting with your thoughts and ideas, or joining the link up and sharing your own favorite reads.

Let's get started!
by Joan Bauer

Soar is the story of Jeremiah, one of the most likable kids around, who LOVES baseball. Baseball is his life. He knows the history, the players, the techniques...everything. But he also has a heart condition that won't allow him to play.  Does he let that stop him from being a part of the game? No way! Jeremiah has enough heart to overcome anything. When he and his father move to a new town in the middle of a doping baseball scandal, Jeremiah sets out on a mission to restore the love of baseball to the community and show everyone that giving up simply isn't an option. Not in baseball. Not in life.

This book will soar straight into your heart. I loved every page and so did my 4th grade boys. It was a beautiful blend of baseball, humor, and heart. Jeremiah is one of those characters that you love forever. He inspires you, no matter how old you are. Joan Bauer has done it again.  She hit this one right out of the park!  A must-have for and any upper elementary classroom, baseball fan, and love of children's literature!

Book Information:
  • Realistic Fiction
  • 320 pages
  • Grades 4-8
  • Lexile 510L
  • GR Level T

The Great Pet Escape
by Victoria Jamieson

The Great Pet Escape is the a graphic novel that will have you laughing out loud.  The story follows three friends, Barry (the bunny), Biter (the guinea pig), and G.W. (the hamster), as they plan their great escape from the classroom and the school. G.W. is the brains behind the operation and he has a knack for inventions and a nose for trouble. Of course things don't go quite as planned, but the friends go on a hilarious adventure and realize that maybe being in classrooms isn't so bad after all.
Filled with vibrant illustrations and memorable characters, this little graphic novel by Rollergirl author, Victoria Jamieson, did not disappoint.  Every child in my classroom will want to read this book. At only 63 pages, this graphic novel is accessible for all readers.  It is a book for everyone. And...what's not to love about a story about three "street toughs" turned into classroom pets?  Looking forward to adding the sequel, The Great Art Caper, to my classroom library as well. 

Book Information:
  • Graphic Novel, Adventure
  • 63 pages
  • Grades 1-5 
  • Lexile GN400L
  • GR Level T

Written by Chris Barton, Illustrated by Don Tate

Have you ever wondered who invented the Super Soaker? Did you know it was invented completely by accident?  Whoosh! is the story of Lonnie Johnson's incredible journey to Super Soaker success. As a child, Lonnie was always "building and creating." He loved to design and invent, but he took an exam that said he wouldn't be a very good engineer. Luckily, Lonnie never backed away from a challenge and continued to pursue his dreams.

The road was long and it wasn't easy, but Lonnie never gave up.  And now where is Lonnie?? "He got a bigger workshop...because facing challenges, solving problems, and building things are what Lonnie Johnson loves to do. And his ideas just keep on flowing." (Whoosh!, page 32)


Chris Barton, author of The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch, always finds the BEST stories to tell.  Important stories. Inspiring stories. And Whoosh! is no exception. For me, I loved the story and the illustrations, but was left feeling a bit underwhelmed by the writing that didn't always seem to flow. I did love learning about this man's incredible story. The book teaches kids about creativity, innovation, problem solving, and tenacity. Everyone should read this book and hear this story! This is definitely a book to add to your growth mindset collection as it's all about being innovative, solving problems, never giving up, and turning challenges into opportunities!

Book Information:
  • Picture Book, Biography
  • Grades 2-5
  • Lexile 820L
  • GR Level O
That's it for this week. More great reads coming soon. 
What have you been reading lately?


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Happy Reading!

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