Welcome to Classroom Hoopla

excitement surrounding an event or situation, especially when considered to be unnecessary fuss

Unnecessary fuss?? No way! We need the fuss. We love the fuss. The fuss is what makes it fun. It's what makes all the difference. We, as educators, live for the HOOPLA!!

It's the excitement teachers bring to the classroom. It's the enthusiasm that helps a lesson come alive. It's the passion that ignites, inspires, and engages!! It's the belief that kids are worth it to build up the hoopla!

And so... thus begins Classroom Hoopla - a blog to celebrate and share all of the reading, writing, creating, playing, learning, and general hoopla from my classroom to yours.

Let's revel in the HOOPLA!

I hope you will continue to follow the journey.

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Welcome to the Hoopla!


  1. Hey there! LOVE your new blog ~ signed on to follow. This could be my eyesight, but when I looked at your "About" section above, I thought it said "cheating." It could be the yellow or the font. Ask someone else what they think.

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you for following and thank you for your feedback. I will definitely look into this. Appreciate you so much!!


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